Scott Spain  RETIRED 

 Specializing in: 
Audio Arts & Science Seminars, Audio for Post Production &  Music Mixdowns - Stereo and 5.1 deliveries, Sound Design - commercial or film 
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Scott comes from a long line of  engineers:

  • His dad, a tool and die maker/machinist, was  GKCA grand national champion in sprint kart racing.  After retiring from racing Scott's dad restored a 9 rank Welte theatre pipe organ.

  • His maternal grandfather was a precision machinist for the DOE working on classified projects. Lu Renken and his wife Sarah are credited with being one of the first to unofficially race automobiles up Pikes Peak CO.

  • Scott's paternal grandfather was an architectural engineer. He started designing with Walt Disney when Walt was still working from home. Otto Balsiger worked directly with Disney on the design and building of  the expanding room in Disneyland's Haunted House.
Scott's Dad
Scott's Dad 

Scott became interested in recording arts and science at the age of 15 when his dad brought home a Voice of the Theatre 1/4 track reel to reel tape recorder.

Utilizing his friend Curtis, who played guitar, Scott had his first recording session in 1968 using his mothers living room as a Studio.  His bedroom served as his first Control Room.

Quickly bored with a bedroom control room and high school AV Scott found his way to Quantum Recording Studios, (Torrance, CA), owned by Donny Sciarrotta the uncle of one of his closest friends, Tony.

Donny Sciarrotta is legendary in the world of recorded music. His unique approach to recording can be heard on such hits as:

  • Kenny Rodgers and the First Edition "I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In"
  • Rod Stewart's "Mine for Me"
  • Daddy Dew Drop "Chicka Boom Chicka Boom"
  • Rufus "Tell Me Something Good"

 ...just to name a few.

These recording sessions from the early 1970's were the foundation on which Scott built his record engineering career.

Scott worked at Microsoft Studios in Redmond WA operating one of the biggest Pro Tools HD systems built

Services provided:

  • Music Mixing
  • Post Production Audio (specializing in 5.1 deliveries)
  • Sound Design
  • V/O Recording / Editing

 ...and general good audio fun in paring old skool recording techniques & style within an expanding digital age.
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High Performance Engineering is Scott's  approach to life.
From High Definition 5.1 Audio Deliveries to Hot Rods and hand built Custom Harley's, Scott doesn't settle for second best.

Audio is the emotional element of your project. Giving your project a voice complementary to the message and the hard work you put into it's creation is what Scott does.

When applying audio to the most important project of your life would you settle for less?

... so, ya get what ya hear, but can you get what you want to hear? 

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